Posted: 5 months ago

How Georgian Stock Exchange Meets the Year of 2020

Unlike foreign exchanges, only one deal was recorded from January 1 to January 14, 2020. Namely, two bonds of LLC Georgian Leasing Company were sold at 2093 USD.

Miso Capital bonds were disqualified from the trading session on December 26. According to the GSE official website, the securities turnover deadline expired.

Furthermore, 5-year securities issued by JSC EVEX Hospitals were admitted to the GSE. Total value of the securities made up 50 million GEL. The securities were enlisted in Category B.

As to the exchange index (GSX), at this stage, it consists of 92.6 units and the indicator has not changed since December 2019.

The GSE capitalization made up 1.962 billion GEL as of December 31.