Posted: 1 year ago

GWP Announces Plans for Large Investment in Water Supply Network Rehabilitation

Georgian Water and Power (GWP) has announced its plans to make a substantial investment in the replacement of the amortized water supply network.

The company's general director, Irakli Babukhadia, confirmed this statement and said that the investment agreement is currently being developed, without revealing the exact amount of the investment.

Babukhadia stated that the company has already invested more than 200 million GEL this year and is participating in various large-scale infrastructure projects. He also mentioned that the investment volume will increase in the future as the replacement of the outdated network requires significant funding.

In response to concerns about water supply interruptions, Babukhadia reassured the public that GWP is committed to rehabilitating the network and providing a stable water supply to the city. He acknowledged that the rehabilitation process is time-consuming, but highlighted the significant progress that has been made in recent years, with more infrastructure projects planned for the future.

"Our company has implemented more infrastructure projects in the last 7-8 years than in the previous 30 years. This period of failure, starting from the 1990s, has unfortunately led to the depreciation of the network. However, we will continue to work towards our goal of providing the city with stable water supply," Babukhadia said.

The announcement of GWP's investment in water supply network rehabilitation is a positive development for the city's residents, as it promises a better, more reliable water supply system in the future.