Posted: 3 years ago

GT Group to Convey 220 New Buses to Tbilisi

GT Group will convey 220 new buses to the capital city. This company has won the tender announced by Tbilisi Transport Company. 

The starting value of the tender was 79.5 million GEL, while GT Group offered 64.7 million GEL, down 14.8 million GEL. 

As a result, the company will deliver Isuzu Movociti Life green and black buses by the end of 2019. 

Levan Gogsadze, head of GT Group told BM.Ge that the buses will be convoyed to Tbilisi starting August 2019 and the process will end on December 24, 2019.

Under the tender terms, the buses must have been manufactured in 2018. 
The tender was announced in November 2018, but it was appealed several times, A total of 4 applicants have taken part in the tender.