Posted: 5 years ago

Grape to Build New Enterprise – Growing Number of Orders from Abroad

Grape, the company producing packed Tatara plans to build a new enterprise. The company founder David Ramazashvili told BusinessPressNews that France was also included in the exports market. Currently, the production volume does not suffice to satisfy the growing demand from abroad, he noted.

The new plant will be built on 700 square meter land in Natakhtari and production process will start in Autumn, he added.

Georgian packed Tatara is sold in Germany, Austria, USA, Poland and France.

To boost production and satisfy the foreign orders, in 2018 the company sold 30% stake and attracted 70 000 USD investment.

Georgian Tatara appeared on the market in April 2016. Active sales started in June 2016. The company produces Churchkhela and Tatara in modern shapes. At this stage, the company produces products in five various forms and packs. By request of US clients, the company will add a new line – Tatara with pistachio.

“We have postponed to add a new line for Tklapi production, because the exports market was expanded to France too and we sent the first consignment in early May. Now we are preparing the second consignment for late May or early June. Moreover, real orders are coming form the USA in huge volumes and we have decided to expand production and build a new plant.

At this stage, the company employs 15 workers, but the new plant will employ 15 other workers in addition by the end of 2019.

Investment value of the new plant is 200 000 USD. The company produces about 5 tons of Tatara and Churchkhela and 80% are exported to foreign markets, David Revazishvili noted.