Posted: 5 months ago

GNERC Refutes Misinformation Spread by Opposition Group Representative

The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) has issued a statement countering the inaccurate claims made by a representative of an opposition political group. The misinformation in question was alleged to discredit GNERC's reputation and misinform the public about the commission’s operations.

GNERC, established in 1997 under the "Law of Georgia on National Regulatory Bodies," operates as an independent regulatory body. The commission was set up with guidance and support from USAID and is financed through regulatory fees from licensee companies. This funding model, adopted since its inception, aims to maintain the commission's

independence and is grounded in globally recognized best practices.

Contrary to the claims made by the opposition representative, GNERC has not recently increased its regulation fees. In fact, since 2013, these fees have seen a reduction of approximately 30-35% compared to the rates in 2012 and earlier years.

Furthermore, the assertion that GNERC has spent millions on constructing a new office in recent years is also incorrect. The commission has been located on St. in Tbilisi since February 1, 2014. Initially not owning its building, GNERC faced escalating rental costs annually, prompting the purchase of its current premises to minimize expenses.

It's notable that the opposition representative might be recalling the events of 2008 when GNERC was directed by the then-government to construct a building in Kutaisi at its own expense, which indeed involved substantial expenditure. However, it's important to highlight that the same government later forcibly transferred this building back to GNERC.

GNERC urges the representative of the opposition political group to avoid populist rhetoric and attempts to discredit the commission. All information regarding GNERC’s activities and financial status is transparent and publicly accessible on their official website: