Posted: 1 year ago

Global Finance Names Georgia among the Most Attractive Countries for Making Investments

The Global Finance, the influential international financial edition, has named Georgia among the most attractive countries for making investments, based on economic stability, governance and business regulations quality indicators.

According to Ministry of Economy of Georgia, the Global Finance has enlisted Georgia in the category, which draws attention due to essential growth and growing interest of investors. Georgia is reported to be among the leading European countries.

“When making this assessment, the Global Finance has used five economic components: GDP growth forecast, changes in foreign direct investments, corruption perception in the country, competitive capacity of the country and simplicity of doing business. At the same time, Georgia is named among top 10 leading countries in terms of doing business simplicity and corruption perception.

According to the Global Finance report, because of the global trading tensions and domestic challenges, the year of 2018 emerged as a transient period for many economies in terms of currency volatility, slowdown in commodity prices and investors’ trust. In this situation, Georgia is among the countries with impressive growth and increasing investors’ interest.

The Global Finance describes Georgia as a country with rapid improvement of business climate, high paces of growth and strong connections with EU.

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