Posted: 2 months ago

Glenberries to Arrange Hothouse on 300 Hectares

Glenberries, the chilled fruit and vegetable processing and storage complex, plans to arrange a hothouse on 300 hectares in 2 years and invest GEL 200 million in the project implementation.

As the company founder Rafael Maghalashvili told Business Partner, the market demands for natural and high-quality products and the company has to import part of raw materials form the neighboring countries, he said. “In Georgia, green, yellow, and carrot-colored Bell peppers are produced in unimportant volumes. Therefore, we have decided to grow these cultures in 2021. Our market also lacks broccoli and flower cabbage and we will grow these cultures too in our hothouse”, Maghalashvili noted.

At this stage, the company has arranged broccoli and flower cabbage hothouses on 5 hectares, strawberry hothouse on 11 hectares. Construction works are underway on additional 7 hectares too, he noted.

The businessman plans to buy a land plot in Marneuli to arrange a strawberry hothouse on 25 hectares. Glenberries receives orders from the USA and Israel. Customers make orders for vegetables, chilled strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Glenberries launched operations in 2018. The initial investment marked GEL 9 million. The complex is located in Kareli, Shida Kartli Region. The company employs 250 persons.