Posted: 2 weeks ago

GITA Deputy Chairman Mariam Lashkhi is in the platoon of Georgian Dream

Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia also included Mariam Lashkhi, Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency, in the platoon for the 2020 parliamentary elections. The political union named her 19th.

"Mariam has successful experience working in the private sector, international organizations and public administration. To date, she has played an important role in the effective management of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency. Mariam will strengthen the Georgian Dream parliamentary team in the field of economy and technology," Irakli Kobakhidze said during the presentation.

Let us remind you that Mikheil Daushvili, Business Ombudsman, is also in the parliamentary platoon of "Georgian Dream", number 11, and Mariam Kvrivishvili, Head of the National Tourism Administration, number 8.