Posted: 5 years ago

Giorgi Kobulia: Belarus is Ready To Strengthen Imports of Georgian Production

“Trade and economic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Belarus have been consistently developing over the last few years.

From Georgia to Belarus we export such important products as mineral waters, spirits, wine, nuts, non-alcoholic beverages, medicines, etc. Today’s event is another significant measure targeted at facilitating the business circles of both countries to improve the existing and establish the new ties,” – George Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia stated at the meeting of the Georgian-Belarus Business Council. George Kobulia attended the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the republic of Belarus, Mikhail I. Rusyi, who is on the official visit in Georgia.

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, in his speech at the session, stressed on the long-term friendly relations, including the trade and economic relations, between Georgia and the Republic of Belarus.

George Kobulia noted that Georgia is a new emerging market that aims to establish itself as a global player, fully integrate in the international market and diversification its economy. He introduced Belarus representatives to business and investment environment in Georgia. “By ensuring a favorable business and investment climate, the Government of Georgia deliberately strives to transform the country into a regional hub. As a result of the implemented reforms, we can freely say that now Georgia has one of the lowest tax rates in the world, the most liberal legislation in terms of starting business,” – the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development stated.

George Kobulia noted that it is important that over 70 companies operating in the different sectors of the economy of Georgia is established with the Belarus capital. “I hope that today’s event will be another stimulus for Belarus companies and business sector representatives in terms of investing in Georgia and establishing joint ventures,” – George Kobulia said.

Within the format of the Georgian-Belarus Business Council, 14 Georgian and 14 Belarus companies signed agreements with the total value of 2806780 USD. Agreements between the parties were signed on the delivery of the large agricultural machinery (tractors and combines), elevators, export of Georgian tea and supply of medicines. Agreements were also signed in the field of scientific cooperation.

In 2018, trade turnover between Georgia and Belarus reached 87,10 million USD. The volume of export was also increased and amounted to 28 641 million USD.