Posted: 4 months ago

Giorgi Chogovadze: Kutaisi Airport will Be 4 Times Bigger in 2020

Kutaisi airport terminal expansion works are being carried out in intense regime. In 2020 Kutaisi airport will be 4 times bigger and its passenger turnover will increase 4 times”, Giorgi Chogovadze, director general of Georgian Airports Assocaition told the Business Partner. 

The country follows the strategy of becoming a regional center in this direction, Chogovadze noted. 

‘Our strategy is that Kutaisi airport perform as many low-cost flights as possible so as both foreign tourists visit Georgia more frequently and our citizens also trip to Europe more frequently”, Giorgi Chogovadze said. 

As to railroad, the station will be arranged a 2-km way from Kutaisi Airport, and Georgian Airports Assocaition will ensure passenger transportation from the station to terminal and inversely.

“Kopitnari railway station will be arranged with those modern technical standards that are necessary for serving a new modern train”, Giorgi Chogovadze said.