Posted: 4 years ago

Giorgi Chikovani: Construction of Small HPPs is the Safest Way

"Construction of power and electricity generation facilities is a fundamental part of our power strategy. Without construction of solar, wind and hydro power plants, it is unimaginable to develop our economy, because it cannot ensure our energy independence and energy security”, Giorgi Chikovani, director of Energy Development Foundation told reporters regarding Khadori 3 HPP construction. 

„Key objective and strategy is to ensure communication with our population to clearly explain what benefits HPPs will bring to the country, specific region and local residents. As to Khadori 3 HPP, this is a small facility of 5.4-megawatt power. It does not have a reservoir and it depends on the river flow and this is an absolutely Green Energy and it has minimum impact on environment”, Chikovani said. 

The world experience proves that a construction of small HPPs is the safest way of electricity generation and the environmental impact from small HPPs is unimportant, he said. 

“This is one of the cleanest energy source. According to Khadori 3 HPP environmental assessment, the project was analyzed by various specialists. Local residents were involved in the process. Dialogue with the population started a year ago to cast light on the benefits that Khadori HPP construction will bring to the region. The majority of local residents positively appraised this project, but I think additional communication is required for certain groups”, Giorgi Chikovani noted.