Posted: 3 years ago

German solar Energy Module Manufacturing Plant Opened in Kutaisi

We are bound to see soon that Georgia turns into a hi-tech producer country. It was announced by Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia in Kutaisi today when visiting and delivering a speech at the launch of a German solar energy module manufacturing.

As noted by the Head of Government of Georgia, it is important that country is focused on the hi-tech production and manufacturing of solar energy modules is indeed such enterprise. In the opinion of the Prime Minister of Georgia, plant will manufacture solar panels and export them to such key markets, as EU, USA and Middle East.

"Enterprise is launched by a German company AE Solar, which is a global leader in the manufacturing solar panels. I wish to particularly thank the investors for making this decision and constructing a plant right in Georgia. Several alternatives were considered and it is noteworthy that investors took a decision in favor of Georgia" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, foreign direct investments (FDI) is of particular impotence for the country as it is a guarantee to the creation of more jobs in the national economy.

"I have always noted that we should be most focused on the hi-tech production within the FDI. I mean sectors that have export potential to make Georgia manifest itself as a hi-tech producer country. This particular enterprise will employ 300 people. In addition, it will run very important programs that will help us in creating more educational modules and knowledge transfer opportunities for the local staff in Kutaisi" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia focused on the significance of a linkage between economy and education, thereby noting that these two areas should always be advancing in parallel.

"We have a national idea. It is education and I have always been saying that education and economy are the two key area that always need to develop in parallel to supplement each other. I believe that incorporation of such plants will make the education sector reform successful and vice versa. We will manage to incentivize greater interest among the investors within the scope and through the education sector reform. Thus and ultimately such enterprises will multiply throughout the country" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, in a few weeks construction of another very important enterprise will be launched in Georgia and it will be the first manufacturing of electric cars in the Kutaisi.

AE Solar is a world leader in manufacturing high-effectiveness photo-voltage solar energy modules. State-of-the-art enterprise in Georgia is located at a land plot of 16 000 sq. meters and ensures production capacity of 500 megawatts through an automated and robotized conveyer system.