Posted: 6 months ago

German Ambassador Offers Guidelines to Georgian Exporting Companies

The German ambassador to Georgia considers market diversification to be the main way to solve the economic problems caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Hubert Knirsch believes that it is necessary for Georgia to become more active in the European market, as was the case with Georgian wine after the 2006 Russian embargo.

"The current war is a test not only of military strength but also a test for the global economy.

We see that Georgian companies are aware of the current situation, are aware of the risks and dangers, so they are actively working to reduce the impact of these processes on them and the Georgian economy. One way to do this is to activate the European market. Now is the time to take steps to increase exports and strengthen business and economic relations.

The European Union and Germany directly will do their best to move forward in this direction.

Many Georgian businesses already trade in the EU and show good examples of cooperation. We remember that in 2006 when Russia imposed an embargo on Georgian wine, it started exporting Georgian wine to Europe. This model should be repeated now and should be repeated in different sectors, "said the German Ambassador to Georgia.