Posted: 5 months ago

Georgia's Prime Minister Addresses Parents of Children with Achondroplasia, Calls for Cooperation in Accessing Treatment

Georgia's Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili has addressed the parents of children suffering from achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that affects bone growth, and called on the state to finance medicine for the treatment of the disease. Speaking before a government meeting, Gharibashvili assured the parents that the government had not refused to finance the medicine but would do so only when the results and recommendations of the fourth stage of drug testing by the World Health Organization become known.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the emotionality and nervousness of parents, but emphasized the need to wait for the conclusion of the fourth phase of drug testing and the guidelines of the World Health Organization. He also urged parents to understand that the state would be responsible if the children's health condition worsened after being given the medicine.

Gharibashvili stated that the government could talk about financing the medicine up to 10 million GEL and that a little effort was needed from both sides to work together towards a solution. He appealed to the parents to wait for a few more months until the drug testing is complete and the guidelines are issued.

The parents of children with achondroplasia have been holding a protest march in front of the Government Chancellery, demanding that the state allocate money from the budget to bring the medicine into the country. Unofficially, 36 teenagers in Georgia have been diagnosed with the disease, and 15 of them are under the age of 15.

The Prime Minister's message offers hope to parents who have been struggling to access the medicine for their children due to its high cost. It also demonstrates the government's willingness to work with the families affected by the disease and provide them with the necessary support.