Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgia’s Hazelnuts Exports Hit 2,648 tons; Exports Markets

As for September 10, 2020, Georgia has exported 2,648 tons of hazelnuts, up from 1,599 tons of hazelnuts exported in the same period of 2019, the Georgian Agriculture Ministry reports.

Georgian hazelnuts are primarily exported to EU, namely, Germany (789 tons), Italy (511 tons), Czech Republic (198 tons), Spain (127 tons), Poland (88 tons), France (81 tons), Lithuania (62 tons), Greece (30 tons), Austria (22 tons), Estonia (22 tons) and Latvia (21 tons).

Georgian filbert is also exported to such countries as Armenia (202 tons), Russia (109 tons), Ukraine (61 tons), Belarus (43 tons), Brazil (38 tons), Mexico (25 tons), and Great Britain (22 tons).

This year, over 30 companies have engaged in the hazelnuts sales process.

As reported, this year, the forecast harvest of hazelnuts is 50,000 tons.