Posted: 6 months ago

Georgia's Foreign Debt Increased to $ 8.13 Billion

Georgia's foreign liabilities increased to $ 8.13 billion in February.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the government owes $ 7.7 billion out of total liabilities.

The country's external debt has increased by $ 302 million annually, compared to the previous month by $ 26 million.

In February, Georgia was able to repay $ 15 million in principal to creditors, paying $ 8.2 million in interest.

The country owes $ 5.525 billion to international institutions. Lending financial institutions include the World Bank; International Fund for Agricultural Development; International Monetary Fund; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Asian Development Bank; European Investment Bank. The largest lender is the Financial Institution World Bank.

Georgia has 15 bilateral creditors and owes them $ 1.6 billion. The amount of foreign debt received from the sale of government securities is $ 500 million.