Posted: 4 months ago

Georgia's First Cyclotron Center to Treat Cancer to Open in Kutaisi by Mid-2025

Georgia is set to become a pioneer in cancer treatment as it prepares to open the country's first cyclotron center for diagnosis and treatment of cancerous diseases in Kutaisi by mid-2025. According to Vakhtang Tsagareli, Director of Projects and Operations at the International Charitable Foundation "Cartu", the ultra-modern equipment will be available to the first patients after testing the two cyclotrons, which will arrive in Georgia by 2024.

The Hadron Therapy Center of Kutaisi International University will house the two proton accelerators or cyclotrons. The center's construction has already begun, and the zero-cycle works are currently underway. The two cyclotrons, one dedicated solely to research and the other for diagnosis and treatment, will be the only devices of their kind in the region. This cutting-edge technology will be utilized not only for treating various types of cancerous diseases but also for conducting cardiovascular operations.

Proton therapy has the advantage of irradiating only cancerous cells and not healthy ones, which is especially important when treating children with cancer. Georgia's cyclotron center will be a project of unprecedented and unique importance in the region, a medical facility of international scale that will benefit the country's citizens and the residents of the region.

The cost of the Hadronic Therapy Center project, which is being fully financed by the International Charity Foundation "Cartu," is up to 40 million euros. Work on the business model is currently underway, and the service will be covered by the universal healthcare program, with the pediatric part being entirely free.

Georgia's first cyclotron center for treating cancer is poised to transform the country's healthcare sector and improve access to advanced medical technologies.

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