Posted: 2 weeks ago

Georgian Strawberry and Berry Go to the USA

Founded with the government’s financial support, LLC Glenberries Company exports Georgian products to several countries. This time, the company has exported 20 tons of strawberry and berry, processed through shock freezing method, to the USA.

To see the production process at the company, the First Deputy Agriculture Minister Giorgi Khanishvili visited the enterprise together with Shida Kartli Governor Giorgi Khojevanishvili and the Agriculture Development Agency director Ilia Tamarashvili.

LLC Glenberries is one of the enterprises that unveil real agriculture development prospects in Georgia and divulge how the government’s decisions affect farmers. Two years ago, the mentioned enterprises started supply of diverse products to international markets”, Giorgi Khanishvili said.

As noted by Giorgi Khojevanishvili, similar enterprises are of vital importance for the economic advancements of the region.

LLC Glenberries modern-standard refrigerator complex was inaugurated in the village of Kvenatkotsa, Kareli Municipality, in 2018, with the government’s financial support, as part of the United Agro Project. Total investments in the enterprise amounted to 5 million GEL, including grants of 600,000 GEL and the beneficiary’s investments.

The refrigerator complex is capable to store at least 1,200 tons of various vegetables and fruits a year. Furthermore, the complex comprises the processing infrastructure too, where 10 tons of fruits and vegetables may be processed for 24 hours by use of shock freezing.

LLC Glenberries employs 150 local residents. The company has established food safety international standards – ISO 22 000. This year the company owners have arranged broccoli plantations on 5 hectares and strawberry plantations on 11 hectares.

The government’s financial support has stimulated entrepreneurs for development and expansion. Starting in 2013, as part of the United Agro Project, the Government has financed more than 200 new enterprises.