Posted: 10 months ago

Georgian Railways Procures 200 Freight Wagons for 36 Million GEL

Georgian Railways recently announced a tender valued at 35.6 million GEL for the procurement of 200 freight wagons. The tender specifies that the wagons, along with their components, should be manufactured in 2023.

As per the tender conditions, the wagons and all associated parts and assemblies, including towbars, trailers, shock absorbers, auto modes, and braking devices, must be brand new. They should not have been previously utilized, manufactured before 2023, or been involved in any loading and unloading operations. Additionally, the planned maintenance schedule for the wagons should comply with the guidelines set forth by the Central Council of the Railway Council on October 16-17, 2012, in accordance with the regulations of the International Railway Refunds and Technical Service Guidelines, adhering to both calendar and combined criteria.