Posted: 7 months ago

Georgian Railway to Connect Transit cargo to Europe and Asia

The initiative of the Georgian Railways was implemented on regular container shipments to the Georgian-Ukrainian ports.

The first container ship by the mentioned route arrived in Poti port on October 18 and will operate weekly. This made it possible to reduce freight arrival duration between Europe and Asia by rail at significantly lower rates.

Container ship traffic between the ports of the two countries will help to increase demand on the Georgian railway corridor and increase its competitiveness.

The newly designated container ship between Georgia and Ukraine will help increase rail freight traffic and develop a middle corridor, as well as increase the intensity of block train traffic. With minimal time and favorable tariffs, European and Asian transit cargoes will be relocated on this route, which in turn will increase Georgia's role as a country connecting Europe and Asia and further improve the track record of container shipping. However, countries that do not have a land border have the opportunity to communicate with each other by direct rail.

The support of the international company MAERSK played an important role in the implementation of the project.