Posted: 3 months ago

Georgian Rail Corridor Becomes Competitive for Shipment of Turkmen Petroleum Products

On February 11, 2020,  a meeting was held at the Tbilisi Marriot Hotel between the JSC Georgian Railways and the CIS Azerbaijan Railways.

The meeting was also attended by state and private companies involved in the logistics chain of the region - CIS Azerbaijan Caspian Sea, CIS Baku International Maritime Trade Port, Dubendi and Batumi Oil Terminals.

The meeting was initiated by the Georgian Railways to carry out seasonal tariffs for Turkmen oil and petroleum products through the Georgian corridor. The parties have developed a seasonal and transversal tariff for the permanent shipment of these cargoes in relation to the "Volga Level" sea route, thus making it possible to compete with the Volga Level route during the year.

After intensive consideration, negotiations on the initiated issue were successfully completed, and with the involvement of all parties involved in the meeting, competitive tariffs were agreed for shipments of Turkmen oil and petroleum products. At the end of the meeting, a protocol was signed and future plans for effective cooperation were laid out.