Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian Government to Subsidize Utility Bills

The Government of Georgia will subsidize utility bills of the families that consume electricity of less than 200 kw/h and natural gas of less than 200 cubic meters a month. The subsidization program will run for 3 months.

The Georgian Government has taken the decision to subsidize utility bills for those citizens, whose monthly consumption of electricity is less than 200 kw/h and gas of less than 200 cubic meters. The program will run for 3 months – March, April, May, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia noted at the Government’s coordination board.

The subsidization will also cover cleaning and water supply taxes, Gakharia added.

“This program will also cover cleanup and water supply taxes. This is direct assistance for our citizens. We understand that this assistance is not enough. We realize that we should identify each citizen, who have lost job places and then we will take specific measures for their direct assistance”, the Prime Minister said.