Posted: 7 months ago

Georgian Government to Compensate Kakheti Residents Affected by Recent Natural Disaster

In response to the devastating natural disaster that recently swept through the Kakheti region, the Georgian government has pledged financial aid to affected residents. This commitment was confirmed by the administration of the state's representative in Kakheti, following the Prime Minister's directive.

Last night, the Kakheti region faced yet another severe storm, impacting the municipalities of Telavi, Kvareli, and Lagodekhi. The calamity led to considerable damage, affecting not only residential buildings but also critical infrastructure.

Giorgi Aladashvili, the state's representative in the Kakheti region, stated, "Following the Prime Minister's instructions, all pertinent agencies were immediately deployed to the affected areas. These teams worked tirelessly through the night to assess the extent of the damage. Upon completing the required procedures, compensation will be issued to the afflicted citizens. We are in constant communication with the residents, ensuring that no one is overlooked during this difficult time."

Kvareli was hit especially hard by the natural disaster. Residential rooftops, agricultural fields, and automobiles sustained significant damage in the cities of Kvareli, Grem, Eniseli, Sabue, and Chikaani. Additionally, high winds led to fallen trees obstructing roadways. Emergency response teams, including firemen and rescue crews from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, worked throughout the night alongside municipal representatives to mitigate the effects of the disaster.

The villages of Lagodekhi, another municipality in Kakheti, were also severely affected on September 17 by hail and strong winds. The event led to extensive damage to houses, agricultural fields, and vineyards, as well as outdoor lighting and electrical infrastructure. Preliminary relief operations have already been initiated, employing local municipal and emergency management resources. The Telavi municipality villages of Pshaveli, Nafareuli, and Laliskuri also reported considerable damage due to the natural calamity.