Posted: 5 months ago

Georgian Delegation Introduced Investment Proposal to the Dutch Shipbuilding Company DAMEN

Representatives of the large Dutch shipbuilding company DAMEN plan to visit Georgia in the nearest future. The visit is aimed at studying the infrastructure selected for the construction of shipbuilding enterprise and finding the format for the cooperation with the Georgian side.

Relevant decisions was made by the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Dutch DAMEN at the head-quarters of the company. Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Nikoloz Alavidze, Head of the LEPL Maritime Transport Agency Tamar Ioseliani and the LEPL National Agency of State Property representative Vasil Vashakidze represented Georgia at the meeting.

Georgian delegation introduced the investment proposal to the DAMEN that envisages construction of a shipbuilding enterprise and development of relevant infrastructure in Georgia.

Nikoloz Alavidze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgia, highlighted that Georgia, being a maritime country, pays great attention to the development of the maritime infrastructure, including establishment of a shipbuilding and maritime ship repair services sectors. “We are pleased to work with such a large shipbuilding company as DAMEN and to revive Georgia’s shipbuilding industry together with them since the country has a great tradition of shipbuilding,” – the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development said. According to the Deputy Minister, the entrance of such a large-scale, internationally experienced company in Georgia will significantly enhance Georgia’s maritime potential and facilitate its establishment as a transportation hub.

It should be noted that the first meeting with the shipbuilding company and representatives of Georgian government was held in January 2019 within the Davos World Economic Forum.