Posted: 6 months ago

Georgia Passes New Law to Promote Electronic Commerce and Protect User Rights

The Georgian government has passed a new law, "On Electronic Commerce," aimed at promoting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses and protecting user rights. The law will introduce international standards to the Georgian market, helping businesses adopt best practices to promote exports.

Tamar Buadze, head of the economic reforms component of USAID's economic governance program, explained that the law will provide businesses with advanced knowledge of the requirements they must meet when conducting activities in both local and international markets. Previously, trust in e-commerce was low due to the lack of regulation and enforcement mechanisms. However, the new law will establish clear guidelines and an enforcement mechanism, giving users a path to seek assistance if needed.

The competition agency will be responsible for protecting user rights in the online space, ensuring that consumers have access to information about companies online to help them seek recourse if necessary. This will improve user experience and provide better protection for their rights.

The law will regulate activities related to electronic commerce and information society services, as well as the responsibilities of providers of these services. It defines the principles of activity for both the provider and recipient of information services and outlines their rights and obligations.

The development of a legal framework for e-commerce is crucial for the growth of entrepreneurship and e-commerce in Georgia. It will improve the functioning of the digital internal market and provide additional protection for user rights. Ultimately, this will contribute to the integration of Georgia into the single European digital market and the global trade space.

"The citizen of Georgia will receive a service where the user's rights will be protected, and they will receive the quality they expect," Buadze said.

The law "On Electronic Commerce" has already passed its first reading in Parliament and will play a crucial role in supporting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia while ensuring the protection of user rights and promoting international trade.