Posted: 1 month ago

Georgia may Have a National Low-Cost Airline- "We will Compete Wizzair"

Negotiations are underway with the Ministries of Economy and Finance to establish a low-cost airline that will compete with Wizzair for ticket prices. Giorgi Kodua, the founder of "Hub Georgia" stated about it in the "PolitNews" program of Palitranews.

Kodua says that 80% of the negotiations have already been completed and if ready, the base of two Airbus flying under the Georgian flag will become Kutaisi Airport.

"We have a plan to create a national Low-cost airline and negotiations are underway with the investor. In case of positive conclusion of the negotiations, Georgia will again see a low-budget company. We hope that our service will meet the international standard. There are all the resources for that. The planes are new and are currently in the United States and at the readiness of the Georgian state, ee will start the flight from Kutaisi airport.

We will surprise the population with low prices and compete with Wizzair. This requires the united will and efforts of the investor and the state. Only the company will not be able to do that. We will place a better price than Wizzair if the remaining 20% ​​of the negotiations are resolved positively. We will be able to say more details about this price later, "said the founder of" Hub Georgia ".