Posted: 5 years ago

Georgia and Tajikistan Signed Agreement on International Road Transport

“Tajikistan is interested in the development of the trade and economic relations with Georgia and the development of the transport links in different directions are of utmost importance in this regard,” – representatives of the Ministry of the Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan stated at the meeting with the Georgian colleagues during their visit to Georgia.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Akaki Saghirashvili, as well as the representatives of the Transport and Logistics Development Policy Department and the LEPL Land Transport Agency of the Ministry participated in the meetings held with the Tajikistan delegation.

The main focus was driven to the interest of the Tajikistan side in the implementation of transit transportation via Georgia. As it was noted, the Tajikistan side is interested in using Georgia’s transport capabilities, including Georgia’s harbors, more actively in the future. Within the frames of the visit, the delegation also visited the Customs Clearance Zone Tbilisi and expressed its interest to share Georgia’s experience in the customs affairs.

The negotiations covered an important issue of preparation of the “Draft Agreement on International Road Traffic between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and Government of Georgia. During the meeting, the members of the Tajikistan and Georgian delegations agreed on the text of the Agreement and the Head of the delegations initialed it. Relevant protocol was signed upon the completion of the meetings where the parties confirmed mutual interest to promptly accomplish the internal procedures to speed up the signing of the Agreement.

The Agreement will facilitate the growth of the passenger as well as the freight traffic flow between Georgia and the Republic of Tajikistan and strengthen mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

Draft Agreement determines the bilateral, transit or via third-party countries/quotation transportation based on the quota permits, the number of which is determined by the parties on the basis of the Agreement and the exchange of the permit forms.
The Agreement also regulates the legal issues related to the road transport/transportation between the Parties, which will help the carriers of the Republic of Georgia and the Republic of Tajikistan in their business activities.