Posted: 2 weeks ago

George Lakirbaia: Georgian Population is Receiving the Electricity Generated by Shuakhevi HPP daily basis.

The Shuakhevi HPP began operation in the spring of 2020, and the electricity it has generated has resulted in an 8% increase in the electricity generated by seasonal hydropower plants in Georgia compared to last year.

“It has been almost a year since Shuakhevi HPP operates successfully and electricity is currently being generated without any major operational issues. Georgian population is receiving the electricity generated by Shuakhevi HPP daily basis, thus, we contribute to the process of increasing electricity generation in the country” – stated Giorgi Lakirbaia, the representative of Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC (AGL).

From the very beginning of the project, investors of Shuakhevi HPP promised that on the operation phase, management of the power plant would be eventually transferred to Georgian engineers. As stated by the company, 95% of their team are now Georgian engineers.

“As planned, young Georgian engineers have been running Shuakhevi HPP since the operation phase. In addition to the fact, that Shuakhevi HPP with its generated electricity contributes to the energy security of the country, at the same time, this project enabled many young Georgian engineers to acquire the relevant knowledge and experience. Today, with high qualification and sense of responsibility, they ensure successful operation of Shuakhevi HPP on daily basis” – declared Giorgi Lakirbaia. 

Shuakhevi HPP is the largest and most important project implemented in the history of independent Georgia.