Posted: 4 years ago

George Chogovadze: In 2020 Kutaisi Airport will Be 4 Times Bigger and its Passenger Turnover will Increase 4 times

Kutaisi International Airport’s new terminal construction second phase comes to the end. The deputy minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Akaki Saghirashvili and CEO of United Airports of Georgia, George Chogovadze, examined the new terminal extension.

The new terminal is being built, which will have seven gates that is expected to increase the capacity of the airport by four times. Once the new terminal becomes operational, it will be able to serve 1,200 passengers in an hour. Currently the Kutaisi International Airport is capable of serving 300 people an hour.

After the construction is completed Kutaisi will have a modern four-floor airport with so called ‘green roofing’ and an open veranda.

‘’Kutaisi airport terminal expansion works are being carried out in intense regime. In 2020 Kutaisi airport will be 4 times bigger and its passenger turnover will increase 4 times”, Giorgi Chogovadze, CEO of United Airports of Georgia said.

The country follows the strategy of becoming a regional center in this direction, Chogovadze noted.

‘’Our strategy is that Kutaisi airport perform as many low-cost flights as possible so as both foreign tourists visit Georgia more frequently and our citizens will also travel to Europe more frequently”, Giorgi Chogovadze said.

Dutch firm UNStudio, which completed the terminal building of Kutaisi Airport in 2012, is responsible for the extension works and has already unveiled plans, featuring a rooftop plaza.