Posted: 3 months ago

EU Commission gives High Evaluation of Georgia’s Progress in Fulfilling is Commitments under DCFTA

“At the Eighth Meeting of the Association Committee on Trade between Georgia and the European Union, the European Commission gave the high evaluation of the progress made by Georgia in fulfilling its commitments under the DCFTA and expressed readiness to continue assisting Georgia in this process,” – Genadi Arveladze, Deputy Minister of Economy stated at a joint hearing of the Economic Policy and European Integration Committees.

Deputy Minister presented to the MPs the report on the implementation of the 2021 National Action Plan for the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between Georgia and the European Union and the 2022 Action Plan for the Implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).

Genadi Arveladze noted that in the evaluation by the European Commission of the implementation of the DCFTA, special emphasis was placed on the reforms implemented by Georgia in the fields of public procurement, food safety, veterinary and plant protection, competition, labor safety, market surveillance.

“As you know, on March 3 of this year, Georgia applied for the EU membership. This is the most important stage on the path of Georgia’s European integration. This decision of the Government of Georgia accelerated the process of unification of the country into the European family and added even more importance to the process of implementation of the Association Agreement and the obligations of the DCFTA. The main efforts of the Georgian government are aimed at maximizing the support of this process,” – Genadi Arveladze noted.