Posted: 1 week ago

Enterprise Georgia Completes Redesigning Film in Georgia Program

"We have completed redesigning the Film in Georgia program", Enterprise Georgia chairman Mikheil Khidureli told Business Partner.

The redesigned project will be introduced to the Government of Georgia soon, Mikheil Khidureli added. “We have completed redesigning this program. I expect the Government of Georgia to let me continue this program. We have finished the redesigning process and the new project will be submitted to the Government soon”, Mikheil Khidureli said. We have changed specific technical details, including in terms of deadlines and payments, Khidureli added.

“The budget planning standards have improved because payments are made in a year after the filming. These standards simplify the prognosis process for us and the Ministry of Finance. I confirm that both Hollywood and Non-Hollywood studios demonstrate growing interest and this redesigned program will enable us to satisfy this interest”, Mikheil Khidureli pointed out. As reported, the Film in Georgia project under the umbrella program of Enterprise Georgia was launched in 2016, but suspended in 2019 referring to the rebranding plans.