Posted: 5 years ago

Energy Transition Dialogue 2019 Held in Berlin

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava, participated in Energy Transition Dialogue 2019 held in Berlin, Germany, where she delivered a speech on Energy Diversification and New Technologies as Preconditions for Stability and Peace in Country.

Natia Turnava overviewed the global importance of the diversification of energy resources in terms of socio-economic development of the countries as well as the reduction of the geopolitical risks. The Deputy Minister spoke about Georgia’s role in the regional context and underlined the strategic geopolitical position of our country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which, according to the Minister, gives a significant advantage to Georgia for becoming a so called “energy bridge”.

Deputy Minister named specific scheduled projects, which will create energy security and supply stability in the country. The speech focused on the project of the Black Sea Submarine Transmission Line initiated by Georgia, which is aimed at connecting the South Caucasus region with Eastern Europe.

The Deputy Minister highlighted the growing interest in wind and solar energy in Georgia and evaluated the future prospects of their integration into the existing network. Natia Turnava also talked about the ongoing as well as the planned projects with the assistance of international donor organizations, which will facilitate the development of various renewable energy sources in Georgia’s energy system as well as the pilot projects.

Natia Turvanava emphasized that Georgia is one of the most reliable transit countries, where the State promotes implementation of the investment in the region. In this regard, the Southern Gas Corridor project is particularly remarkable, the further development of which will provide the natural gas supply from Central Asia to the European market.

“The Government of Georgia actively promotes the development of the projects aimed at enhancing the country’s transit role, diversification of the energy resources and the strengthening of the energy security,” – the Natia Turnava said.

Deputy Minister stressed on the rapidly changing energy maps and geopolitical dynamics of the world on the need for the renewable energy sources and the use of new technologies, which is a main precondition for increasing the competition in energy markets.