Posted: 11 months ago

Ekaterine Mikabadze: Global Finance's Assessment is Positive Message for Financial Sectors Interested in Investing in Georgia

“Assessment by the Global Finance is a positive massage for the financial sectors interested in investing in Georgia, since they can find in Georgia not only the most liberal business environment with the lowest tax burden in the region, but also witness further reforms and economic policy targeted at stable economic growth and protection of the investments,” – the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ekaterine Mikabadze commented on the assessment provided by the Global Finance.

The Deputy Minister noted that the assessment highlights the efforts of the Georgian Government targeted at improving the economic environment of the country and making it even more attractive for foreign investors.

“The priority of the Government of Georgia is to carry out proactive policies with foreign investors, to further improve business climate and thus attract new investments based on the new knowledge and new technologies,” – Ekaterine Mikabadze said.

International financial publication, the Global Finance, based on the evaluation of the economic stability, good governance and quality of business regulations, named Georgia among the countries with dramatic growth and intense investor interest. Georgia shares its position within the group with the leading European countries.

Global Finance provides its assessment based on the following five economic components: GDP Growth Forecast, Change in FDI, Competitiveness Score, Corruption Perceptions Score and Ease of Doing Business Rank. At the same time, according to the economic components, Georgia is among the top 10 countries in terms of Ease of Doing Business Rank and the Corruption Perceptions Score. 

Global Finance finds that Georgia is characterized with fast-improving business climate, robust growth and strong partnership ties with the EU.