Posted: 3 years ago

Economy Minister: Energy Independence and Energy Security Ensures National Security

“Our Objective is to transform our country into the European-standard green power system. The reform calls for attaining energy efficiency. We will manage to not only increase generation, but also manage our demand”, Minister of Economy Natia Turnava told Imedi LIVE. 

The Minister of Economy named key objectives and tasks of reforms in the energy sector and stressed that there are exaggerated expectations as if energy efficiency principles and requirements can immediately resolve challenges with growing power consumption without building new HPPs. 

“The European experience suggests that despite the mentioned factors electricity consumption is growing anyway”, Natia Turnava said. 

“At the same time, another important aspect is that energy security and energy independence ensures national security too“, Natia Turnava added and referred to the sample of European countries – 28 countries of 36 ones united in Europe’s joint energy system, strive for attaining the so-called generation adequacy to ensure a generation of their own power by 100% and more. 

„When necessary, European countries should ensure their generation by 100% themselves and create reserves in addition. And this is our objective too – 100% satisfaction of our needs”, Natia Turnava said.