Posted: 3 years ago

EBRD and FAO to Assist Georgia in Agro Tourism

EBRD and FAO have put forward a new initiative for the Georgian tourism industry promotion.

Under this initiative, agro-tourism and Georgian traditional agro products will become an important factor for attracting tourists to the country. Namely, the new initiative makes a special focus on authentic Georgian products that may be tested locally.

For example, Tushuri Guda is a unique product that is made by the traditional Georgian method of domestic sheep milk. “The mentioned initiative is based on the already implemented project for Geographical Indication (GI). GI is a label that is conferred to a Georgian unique product.

Using it as a trademark will enable Georgia to protect such products from falsification as Sulguni, Chechili cheese, or Churchkhela. Geographical indications as the high-quality symbols conferred to products will essentially grow the value of domestically produced goods and increase farmers’ incomes.

The sustainable agro-tourism will assist business operators, on the one hand, to become more resilient to crisis period and increase Georgian traditional food production, on the other hand”, the information released by the organization reads. As part of the initiative, EBRD and FAO will assist domestic small companies in producing high-quality products to penetrate new markets such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes.