Posted: 7 months ago

Direct Flights From Tbilisi to Bangkok to be Launched in December

Thai Air Asia X is set to launch direct charter flights of Bangkok – Tbilisi starting from December 28.

The charter flights will be performed with Airbus 330 type aircraft three times per week for a period of three months. 

The representatives from the airline had their first working meeting with the managements of TAV Georgia and Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia. The parties discussed the procedures related to commencement of the flights.

After the meeting held in Tbilisi international airport the air company representatives got acquainted with the airport infrastructure and TAV Georgia Ground Handling Department working process. 

Thai Air Asia X has been operating on the aviation market since 2014. Presently it has direct flights to 66 international and 29 local destinations. The air fleet of Thai Air Asia X is comprised of 12 Airbus 330 type aircraft.