Posted: 1 year ago

Direct flights between Russia and Georgia may resume in November

Direct flights between Russia and Georgia may resume in November. According to a Russian media source, it will take more than a month for the renewal of direct flights between the two countries. This term is required for the coordinated work of the profile agencies.

There are a number of procedures to restore air traffic between Russia and Georgia. The Russian government should issue a decree, after which the Russian Ministry of Transport and Rosavia will start negotiations with the Georgian side on the restoration of flights. After reaching an agreement at the government level, airlines will need about two weeks to schedule and agree.

Russian media reports that no final decision has been made on the resumption of flights. If a positive decision is made within a few days, then all procedures should be completed by November.

We remind you that the direct flights between Russia and Georgia were suspended on July 8, 2019, by the decision of the Russian side.