Posted: 3 years ago

Deputy Economy Minister Rules out that Georgia Import A Mass of Russian Natural Gas

The price of Russian natural gas has cheapened for the private sector, under the new contract agreement with GazProm, Natia Turnava, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, noted.

Tariff lowering for the commercial sector is one of the key achievements of the finished negotiations with GazProm, she added.

‘The majority part of our market is of strategic character, the social sector – population and steam power plants, which generate electricity. This sector will receive Azerbaijani gas and we have all resources for that. As to the private sector, businesses, production, small business, gas filling stations, bakeries – in this case we have this competitive alternative and this issue will be regulated by the market. It is ruled out that Georgia import a mass of Russian natural gas”, Natia Turnava said.

Besides the reduced price on Russian natural gas, today the Deputy Economy Minister noted that Georgia will receive higher price for Russian gas transit to Armenia, but the tariff remains classified anyway.

The new contract with GazProm will be signed in late March and will run for 2 years, Natia Turnava said.