Posted: 3 years ago

David Morrison is Georgia's New Ombudsman of Environment

Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia nominated David Morrison to the position of an Environmental Ombudsman of Georgia today.

As stated by the Head of Government of Georgia at the nomination, Mr. Morrison has made a great contribution to the tangible progress achieved in maintaining the bio-diversity of Georgia over 10 years of his operation in the area concerned.

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, nominee is well known to the environmentalists as he has been managing the Caucasus Nature Fund for years.

"David Morrison is also quite well known to international environmental community. He will cooperate with everyone, including executive and legislative authorities of Georgia, civil society, donor agencies and international organizations that are engaged in the protection of environment" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia is confident that the new institution will significantly facilitate the efforts used to overcome the challenges witnessed in the protection of environment. Prime Minister of Georgia also stressed the principal significance of environment for the country and its future generations, thereby calling for greater public engagement.

"Green Economy and sustainable development have no alternatives for Georgia and this road leads to the manifestation of full economic potential of the country, effective fight against poverty and transfer of nature to future generations. It is essential to make decisive and brave steps to further advance the environmental standards in Georgia and approximate them to the European ones. It is the only right way forward to ultimate development. I presented the Government Program last year and thereby noted that Environmental Ombudsman would enable us to reach greater inclusion, more engagement. This institution will be vital for overcoming the current environmental challenges witnessed in Georgia. We should conceptualize the reality - utterly irresponsible policy pursued in the past decades, disregard of environmental principles and interests have led to the heaviest results and we are fighting against these consequences. We need to carry out very decisive and important reforms, which will involve the efforts of each citizen of Georgia, civil society and every NGO operating in the area concerned" added the Prime Minister of Georgia and wished every success to David Morrison in his new capacity.

New institution has been established with an initiative of the Head of Government of Georgia with an aim of protecting the best interests and rights of the environment. Ombudsman will be a person of high legitimacy in the protection of environment, who will have a secretariat for scrutiny of cases for consideration. Ombudsman will release recommendations on significant matters, including the amendments to legislation, engagement in public discussions and consultations with stakeholders.

Environmental Ombudsman was nominated at the Botanic Garden of Tbilisi today. Event was attended by the officials of executive and legislative authorities of the country, diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and environmental experts.