Posted: 4 years ago

Coronavirus Effect – Hotels Suspend Operation in Tbilisi

Hotels in Tbilisi started suspending operation because of cancelled bookings, Shalva Alaverdashvili, founder of the Federation of Restaurants and Hotels told BM.Ge.

“Hotels started suspending operation. Hotel Kalas was closed on Leselidze Street yesterday. Hotel Zemeli plans also to suspend operation and so on. Staff is also given unpaid vacations”, Alaverdashvili said.

“Adjara Group offers 50% paid vacations to personnel”, Adjara Group executive director Valeri Chekheria told BM.Ge.

90% of the bookings were cancelled over the past 10 days, while Tbilisi and Kazbegi hotels operate by only 20% of their workload, he said.

As reported, Ministers of the government’s economic team met with the banking sector’s representatives together with the Prime Minister and the National Bank’s President.

Objective of the meeting was to prepare an effective anti-crisis plan for tourism industry.

As noted by the founder of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants, as this stage, the parties agreed to suspend banking obligations for two months. Further details will be specified and unveiled later.

Besides suspension of the banking obligations, the private sector also applied to the Government to suspend property and profit taxes, including utility bills.

As noted by the Adjara Group executive director, the Government promised to discuss and analyze the issue and provide overall support.