Posted: 5 years ago

Competition on Borjomi Park concept Announced

Competition for the development of the concept for Borjomi Central Park was announced. According to the municipality, the main goal of the competition is to maintain and develop the historical and cultural functions of the park.

According to the official documentation, the concept should include: long-term vision of the development of Borjomi Central (historical) park, maintenance of historical-cultural function – development; Expansion of park’s perspectives; Development of recreational function; Maintenance of the diversity of flora, if necessary, add new species; Landscape design visions; Arrangement of paths, attractions and logistics.

Competition consists of 2 stages. Applications will be completed on March 15. In the first stage, the jury will select the best projects. Then the 3 winners will be revealed by their involvement and public participation. The second stage will end on April 5.

“The person or group participating in the competition may present the work in Borjomi municipality