Posted: 10 months ago

China was the Largest Export Country for Georgia in 2022

According to the preliminary data of Geostat, in 2022 the share of the 10 largest export partner countries in the total export of Georgia amounted to 78.6%.

According to Geostat, China takes the first place in the top three exporters - with $736.8 million. Azerbaijan is second - $672.6 million, and the third place is occupied by Russia - $651.6 million.

As for imports, according to the agency's preliminary data, last year the share of the ten largest import partner countries in the total import of Georgia was 67.5 %. Turkey is in the top three by $2,370.9 million, Russia - $1 835.4 million, and China - $1 126.0 million.

In addition, according to the Geostat report, in 2022, copper ores and concentrates took the first place in the top ten export commodity groups - 1,024.3 million, which is 18.3 percent of all exports. The second place is occupiedby light vehicles - 903.8 million. Ferroalloys are in the third place with  $459.8 million.