Posted: 6 days ago

Changes Made in the Project of Arranging Central Park

Changes have been made in the project for the arrangement of the central park on the territory of the former hippodrome, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced at the meeting of the capital's government.

According to him, according to the changes, parking spaces will be reduced, and green and sports areas will be placed in their place.

According to Kakha Kaladze, the municipality of the capital will not spend a single penny to arrange the central park, and the "Kartu" charity fund will fully cover the costs of the park on the territory donated to the municipality.

As for the changes included in the project, according to the mayor of Tbilisi, instead of 440 places, 245 parking spaces will remain in the park.

"The following changes have been made in the project: the space of the parking lot has been reduced, and in its place, on an area of 5,937 square meters, it is planned to arrange green spaces and a tennis court. 245 parking spaces will remain in the park, instead of 440 spaces.

Green spaces and a tennis sports field will be arranged in the mentioned territory. In addition, decorative attractions have been changed. In particular, on the site of the French garden and the botanical garden, the total area of ​​which was 28,232 square meters, will be canceled and only green spaces and picnic malls will be arranged in the mentioned area, and trees and plants will be planted on the small hills for shade", said Kakha Kaladze.