Posted: 5 months ago

CENN about Water Deficit at Ski Resorts

 CENN has unveiled real reasons that have caused water deficit at Georgian ski resorts.

Improper, incorrect or nonexistent estimations are real reasons that have caused water deficit at the ski resorts.

The drinking water deficit arisen in winter season at Gudauri and Bakuriani ski resorts are related to the strategic social-economic and ecological challenges and it is up to the Government to take due measures.

“According to Gudauri and Jvari Gorge meteorological stations, similar snowless and dry season was recorded several times after 1950s, but drinking water problems has never arisen. Moreover, precipitation volume does not determine the volume of underground waters.

Insufficient, improper or nonexistent estimations required for the rapid development of ski resorts have brought water shortage problems. When ski resorts are developed due to plan, all specific preconditions of crisis cases are easily detected and removed.

It should be noted that prior to the development plan approval, the Government was to conduct hydrology and hydrogeology research works for identifying the underground and aboveground regime and reserves and infrastructural projects were to be implemented based on the received results.

We recommend the government to ensure comprehensive appraisal of Gudauri and Bakuriani development processes and identify real reasons that have caused the problem. Based on the results, the Government will be able to determine preventive mechanisms so as the infrastructure comply with natural environment and sustainable employment of resources”, a CENN report reads.