Posted: 3 months ago

Cargo Turnover in the Georgian Corridor Increased by 1 Million Tons

Cargo turnover in the Georgian corridor increased by 1 million tons. According to official data, the transport sector transported 20.4 million tons of cargo in the 6 months of 2022, after 19.4 million tons in 2021.

There is an increase in both land and sea freight. In addition, 6.3 million tons of cargo were processed in Georgian harbors, the increase is 18.8% annually. Poti port processed 3.8 million tons of cargo, and Batumi seaport processed 2.5 million tons.

It should be noted that the container cargo turnover has also increased. In January - June, 220,957 units of containers were serviced, which is 17 thousand 149 units more compared to the same period last year.

As for ground transportation, 13.5 million tons of cargo were transported by road, and 6.8 million tons by railway, which is 800 thousand tons more than the result of 6 months of 2021.