Posted: 7 months ago

BBC World News Presenter to Moderate at Tbilisi Silk Road Forum

Today Aaron Heslehurst, the BBC world news presenter, will moderate at the Silk Road Forum panel – Profitable Trade. He has won many awards as a reporter and he is one of the leading faces of BBC World News TV.

Starting February 2002 Aaron Heslehurst was a presenter for BBC business information program. In May 2017, he launched his own show named as Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst – 30-minute very dynamic and interesting international news program with about 100 million spectators all over the world.

Aaron Heslehurst takes interviews from leading executive directors in a simple language and updates the audience on innovative technologies. He works in various fields on news that are important for consumers, including on domestic and international corporate issues, global finances, international food prices and other important issues.

He has interviewed leaders of the world’s major corporate leaders, top managers of World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Union and World Trade Organization. The reporter makes focus on aviation industry and he communicates with top managers of the world’s leading air companies.

In 2009 Aaron Heslehurst obtained the Daily Telegraph Wealth Management Awards.