Posted: 3 years ago

Average Salary for Men is 1468 GEL, for Women – 906 GEL

According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, according to the fourth quarter of 2018, average salaries in Georgia made up 1202 GEL, up 61 GEL year on year.

At the same time, average salaries for men makes up 1468 GEL and for women – 906 GEL, down 38% compared to the average salary of men.

This signifies the salary of men and women are different on the same position. According to the statistics, women are lower-paid category compared to men.

According to the World Economic Forum report called as Gender Gap, Georgia ranks 94th worldwide in terms of equal opportunities for men and women. The leading countries are Iceland, Norway and Finland.

The average salary of hired employees in the 4th quarter of 2018 made up 1318.7 GEL, up 77.2 GEL year on year. Due to the sectors, high salaries are reported in professional, research and technical sectors (2484.9 GEL, up 0.8%), construction sector (1968 GEL, up 1.5%).