Posted: 3 weeks ago

Antony Blinken Expresses Concern Over Georgia's 'Foreign Agents' Law

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has voiced serious concerns regarding the recently passed 'foreign agents' law in Georgia. Speaking at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing, Blinken emphasized the law's alignment with strategies seen in Moscow and its potential implications for Georgia's aspirations toward European Union integration.

“We are very concerned about the ‘foreign agents’ law that was passed,” Blinken stated. “I think it’s right out of Moscow’s playbook, unfortunately, and I think it clearly counters the desire of the overwhelming majority of Georgians to move toward the EU and the EU integration."

Blinken highlighted that the U.S. is closely examining potential responses to the law's passage. He indicated that actions could be forthcoming from both the United States and the European Union, particularly as the law's impact on Georgia's EU accession process is assessed.

“We are looking very hard at what we can do in response to that, and I anticipate we will take actions," Blinken said. "The EU is looking at the impact on the accession process for Georgia, so I would anticipate that there will be things to come because of the impact this law may have.”