Posted: 5 years ago

Anaklia City: We do not Consider Georgian Economic Zones as Competitors

In her interview with the Forbes Week with Giorgi Isakadze TV program, Keti Bochorishvili, executive director for Anaklia special economic zone, talked about advantages of Anaklia special economic zone.

We consider the world’s leading economic zones as competitors, not Georgia-based economic zones, Bochorishvili noted.
“Our objective is to attract international companies. Cornerstone of our competitive capacity is that this territory is adjacent to the deep-water seaport. 

A lot of opportunities will appear in the private sector, when 3-5 times bigger ships will enter. Logistics companies will show interest, storehouses and the whole economy will get benefits”, Keti Bochorishvili said. 

Anaklia Development Consortium is conducting negotiations with the world’s leading companies so as they translocate their businesses to Anaklia. 

“We are conducting negotiations with the world’s 8 best companies. We will attract additional cargo volumes if these companies agree to enter Anaklia”, Bochorishvili said. 

One more advantage of Anaklia economic zone is that they will offer modern economic zone to investors, which do not exist in the country.

„When foreign investors arrive, they should not care which territory to buy and how to arrange infrastructure. We will offer absolutely valuable infrastructure. Additionally, interested bodies will be able to rent buildings. We will use all mechanisms to raise the interest of major companies.

Anaklia seaport will first of all enable Georgian companies to expand their activities and importer companies will be able to supply cargo to the Caucasian countries”, Keti Bochorishvili said.

We remind you that Anaklia special economic zone will launch operation jointly with the seaport. Initially, the seaport will handle cargoes and carry out other logistics activities.

The Anaklia City plans to develop a special economic zone in several phases. As part of the first phase, which will last 9 years, a 100-hectare territory will be developed, 2700 persons will be employed and total investment will make up 190 million USD.