Posted: 2 months ago

Aleksandre Motserelia: Filbert Price Hits 5 GEL

The 2019 filbert harvest exceeds the 2018 indicators by at least twice, Aleksandre Motserelia, state governor in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region noted.

At this stage, the price of Georgian filbert has reached 5 GEL, he told Business Morning.

“As a result of proper measures, we have fulfilled the 2019 task. We have received 40 000 tons of filbert. In 2018 we received 17 000 tons and the price was 1-1.5 GEL, but this year the price is 5 Gel and the quality is also different.

We had two problems, stink bug and fungus diseases. The Government cannot enter all land plots for treatment. Therefore, the steps that local population has taken have brought desirable results. The association expected to adopt 10 000 members, but the figure made up 28 000.

The government has trained 60 agronomists, who conduct free consultations twice a month. These measures have brought real results. The population has performed unique role in saving the harvest”, Motserelia told the Business Morning.